Biogas Electricity Production Plant

Biogas has a multitude of utilization options and is furthermore storable. As such, biogas is far superior to other renewable energies. It can generate power continuously and independent of sun, wind and water.

Our Biogas Electricity Production plant – which was designed and installed by Weltec Biopower GmbH – can handle an input of up to 150 – 200 tonnes of manure daily and produce electricity up to 500 kilowatts  per hour. Through the sealing of organic materials in the Digester Storage Compartment we produce biogas which is mainly consisted by methane and carbon dioxide. The process, which is basically based on micro-organism breakdown with the combined absence of oxygen is called anaerobic digestion. Biogas has a chemical composition close to that of natural gas.

Waste that has been fully digested, exits the biogas system in the form of organic fertilizer which is very rich in nutrients (Phosphate, Potassium, Minerals & Nitrogen) and can be used in agriculture production.

Our company therefore has researched, invested and applied an Ecological Renewable Energy production plant which is a complete waste management solution that reduces greenhouse emissions and produces renewable energy.