Swine Production

Swine Production is an important component of the modern world agriculture and an important part of the human diet and way of life. As a company, we utilize modern pork production methods as our growing is done in enclosed buildings to protect our animals from bad weather conditions, predators and most importantly from the spread of diseases.

One of these methods is the usage of superior genetics as provided by “PIC” one of the top swine genetic suppliers worldwide. At this moment of time, our company pioneered by being the only one in the country producing this genetic material.

Furthermore, we use diets with higher fiber in newly weaned piglets enhance the gut function and digestive system. As such we implemented the use of liquid feeding as it is crucial to piglets in order to curb gut-associated disorders such as under nutrition and their immune system.

This is done by soaking the grains in whey with added fiber degrading enzymes. The result product is a more beneficial feed ingredient for young pigs improving growth performance, meat quality and reducing feed costs.

Liquid feeding systems involve computer controlled feed production and frequent feeding of liquid diets. One of the most important aspects of using a computer controlled feeding system is to ensure that the proper whey to dry matter ratio content and frequency of feeding is achieved. This results into saving time and having a more reliable result.